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    Holiday Cookies and Tablescapes

    Christmas is a week away, which means that it is time to start baking! There is almost nothing better than cold winter nights paired with the aroma of freshly baked cookies.…

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    Home for the Holidays

    I am not sure how the time has passed by so quickly, but we find ourselves two weeks away from Christmas Day. After Thanksgiving came to a close, I began to decorate my home for…

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    How to Be a Gracious Guest

    It’s no secret that the number 1 rule of being a gracious guest is to never show up empty-handed. Given that the holiday season has begun and it’s full of family visits,…

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    Happy Thanksgiving

    The First Thanksgiving by Jean Leon Gerone Ferris (1863-1930) Happy Thanksgiving! May today be filled with family, friends and gratitude. I am thankful for each of you!

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    Thanksgiving {DIY place setting}

    Thanksgiving is coming! I love this quiet, unheralded day that refuses to be glamorized. If you’re not careful, however, it will pass by with only a plate full of turkey to…

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    Thanksgiving Style Board

    In a little over two weeks, family and friends will all gather around each other for Thanksgiving. This holiday has a beautiful way of bringing people together and encouraging an…

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    What Defines a Good Mom? – Guest Post

    What Defines a Good Mom? We went to the park together in Wyoming, on a beautiful day in late October –just me, my mom, and three nieces. Standing on ground covered by autumn…

    all things orange

    Keep Fall Spicy

    In the early morning there is crisp breeze that fills the air. While the chill doesn’t last to greet a hot Southern California afternoon, it is a…


    Mix and Match

    How do I mix patterns in my home? Mixing patterns in design can be challenging. But when you incorporate an array of patterns in various scales,…


    Just For Fun

    Courtesy of Luxury Daily Last week I was invited to the Neiman Marcus Art of Fashion show. The textures and layers that were beautifully modeled reminded me…


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