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    Take a Moment to Reflect

    I just love fall or Autumn as some of you may refer to it … there’s the change of weather, shorter daylight, searching for the best pumpkin, bobbing for apples and to top all…

  • pumpkin

    All Things Fall

    “I’m so glad I live in a world with Octobers.” - Anne of Green Gables I love Autumn! To celebrate this cozy season, I created a little Pinterest board. You can…

  • all things orange

    Keep Fall Spicy

    In the early morning there is crisp breeze that fills the air. While the chill doesn’t last to greet a hot Southern California afternoon, it is a nice thing to wake up to.…

  • patterns

    Mix and Match

    How do I mix patterns in my home? Mixing patterns in design can be challenging. But when you incorporate an array of patterns in various scales, hues, and textures it will start…

  • Neiman-Marcus-The-Book-Sept-2014-cover

    Just For Fun

    Courtesy of Luxury Daily Last week I was invited to the Neiman Marcus Art of Fashion show. The textures and layers that were beautifully modeled reminded me that fall is just…

  • mentoring

    The Importance of Having an Older Person Speak into Your Life – Guest Post

    Have you ever seen an eagle? They are truly magnificent creatures! When an eagle is a baby, the parent is fully responsible to hunt, gather food, and feed the eaglet. However as…

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    The Color Yellow

    1yel·low “having the color of the sun or of ripe lemons.“ – Webster’s Dictionary The color yellow is often associated with joy and sunshine! It is…

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    Travel Simply

    I recently returned home from Italy. I loved the architecture, food, colors, and people. Italy is a wonderful and inspiring place to visit. For those with wanderlust,…


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